It is our role to work directly with providers, all local authority early years teams, and their partners, and central government.

The Department for Education (DfE) awarded a three-year national support contract to Childcare Works in October 2016. The project works with providers and all 152 local authorities across England on the implementation of 30-hours.

Childcare Works is a partnership between Mott MacDonald and Hempsall’s.

Childcare Works supports the delivery of early years and childcare for two- three- and four-year-olds in ways in which high-quality childcare is accessible, flexible and affordable.

We know such reforms bring many challenges and we are a team experienced in finding solutions – as we did with the two-year-old entitlement. We are providing a data and intelligence led approach, where our universal offer to all local authorities in England is overlaid with a significant allocation of resource to a targeted programme. This programme will focus on addressing the barriers to implementation, and direct time and effort where it is needed most and will have the biggest impact. Over the first six months of the programme we worked with almost 10,000 providers, giving information, debating options and ideas, and making sense of new systems and possibilities.

The programme has generated real learning and we have been sharing this early learning as much as possible. The resources section of our website includes some of these experiences.

Childcare Works has a full programme of practical and effective support, challenge and solutions for all types of providers and every local authority. We are strongly focused on sufficiency, flexibility, two-year-olds, and access for children with SEND. Our role is to support many of these outcomes.

Key elements of the project:

  • A regular Progress Review Form (PR Form) to monitor local authority progress and identify support and challenge needs with a named Programme Adviser contact
  • Direct support for local authorities on a targeted basis: one-to-one and small group, business and action planning, childcare sufficiency assessment, local strategy and partnership facilitation, management support/briefings.
  • Childcare Matters Events to illustrate and share solutions.
  • Training for trainers and Business Support Officers on solutions for 30-hours.
  • Training for providers offering extended information: flexible staffing, occupancy rates, business remodelling, economies of scale and scope.
  • Online resources for providers posted on

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Childcare Works is a partnership between Hempsall’s and Mott MacDonald.

Childcare Works